Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Most Intimidating Project

Here it is, a slipcover for our chair and a half that the cats demolished (ok, they just scratched up the corners). And actually the seat cushion and back cushion I completely re-covered. My dear friend Gail got me started and showed me how to make patterns of it from muslin. But then I was pretty much on my own. I didn't dive in (after cutting out all the pieces) for quite a while. But I finally did and was pleasantly surprised at how well I was able to figure it out. I was also pretty pleased with the result. Later I re-upholstered the matching ottoman (ok perhaps that was even harder), but I can't seem to find a photo now. Oh well, the cats have scratched up the corners of THAT now - with the new fabric. That was so difficult to figure out. The top is a lid that lifts open on one side and is hinged on the other. Getting the fabric on the bottom of the lid was a pain. I had to buy some sort of upholstery tack strips and well... it is difficult to explain but it was a pain. I was not too happy with the outcome. I'd redo it, but I'm afraid Velvet (the cat) will just scratch it again. Maybe a different fabric... but would that look too weird having the chair and ottoman mismatched?

I have been working on a tote for a lady I met through my town's MOMS club. I also got fabric for my friend Hannah's "Belly Dance Bag". A bag to put her belly dance things in. Luckily she really likes the fabric, phew! I need to go with Julia to pick out fabric for her bag. I will see my friend Jen this weekend who has been looking at possibilities for new window treatments, which she will probably hire me to make. Oh and once I found out about the Dog Days of Summer give away, I got to making a tote and finished 3 hours later! So much for my Etsy inventory! I actually have been thinking a lot on what I can do to make more unique totes that people will actually BUY off of my Etsy shop! So I guess it is good I haven't had time to sew for the shop because I still haven't quite come up with anything! I did see a very cute idea for a jewelry bag that I might try to recreate.

Today I went to the Botanic Garden with Hannah and her son and we met our husbands there for picnic dinner. I have more flower photos, but haven't even taken the camera out of my tote (that I ironically bought from Old Navy and people keep asking if I made). Yesterday was the local farmer's market where I realized I should have gotten more cash before going.

Tomorrow Miles has his speech development re-evaluated. I honestly think he is up to speed now with that and other developmental areas. He was a bit behind in gross motor skills. Being that he climbs like a monkey, can get into his carseat if you open the car (CRV) door and can turn somersaults, I'm not too worried there. He was actually advanced in visual skills. He may still be a tad behind in processing verbal commands, but really I just think it is stubbornness. Still don't think he's quite ready to potty train, though he does ask to "go potty". He has never produced anything while sitting there. Then I'm taking Ella to an open house type thing with classes and demos and info on several programs in the arts. Should be fun. A chance to win a free class for a session too! My parents will watch Miles. It is from 1-3 pm, no fair to expect him to be patient that long and miss the first hour of his nap time!

I don't know if yardsaling will be in the cards for me this weekend. There is one near the thing I'm taking Ella to and it is in an area of town I've found some good stuff in the recent past, so we'll see how things pan out.

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Sarah and Jack said...

The slipcover looks great! Those projects are too big for me still!

Rhoda said...

Hi, Kristi! I think you did a fab job on the chair & ottoman. It takes a lot of talent to tackle a project like this. Wish I could sew, but have to rely on my good 'ole mom for that.


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