Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New Projects

I decided out of the blue (with some inspiration from sewing blogs) to start making totes to sell. I have the first complete and the second just waiting for a magnetic snap so that I can sew the outside and linings together at the top. I think I will try out Etsy. I have been waiting to see if my husband can get the appropriate sized boxes for some pillows I made last year to list those too.

As far as making more totes, I just cleaned up my fabric leftovers and I really have none left that I think would be cute for a tote. I do have some baby pink toile, maybe for a child's tote or something. I think I'd like to get some pretty pastel floral and some wild color/patterned fabric (not to go together obviously).



Inside of tote

See the 6 pockets

Would you buy something like this?

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