Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Um. Yuck.

I just received the latest issue of Chicago Home and all I can say is... well not much. I finally decided that the whole issue must have been dedicated to industrial style design. Because it look so industrial and there was little to no color. This is obviously a style I'm not too keen on. Well, at least there was an ad for a kitchen window that I just adored and will be showing to Jason when he comes home. The one we have now is too small for my liking and I would like to enlarge it if and when we get our kitchen remodeled.

Anyway, even their "fun finds" or whatever were dreary, in my opinion. I sure hope I find something I like in the next issue or I will be sad I spent my money on this magazine. Maybe I'll be happier when I get the next Better Homes and Gardens, or my first issue of Blueprint.

If anybody out there is reading this, what decorating magazines do you like?

I occasionally get my mom's leftover Cottage Home, Country Home and Mary Engelbreit's magazines. I usually find things in those that I adore but don't really go with Jason and my combined tastes. (And I can only dream that we had a cottage... believe me we'd like to, it just doesn't make sense with the amount of time we wouldn't be able to spend at a vacation home).

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suburban prep said...

I am not a big fan of the Chicago Home magazine either. I love the Blueprint magazine. I also like Coastal Living although I live in Chicagoland .

Mom Kristi said...

Thanks, that makes me more excited about receiving my first issue of Blueprint. I mainly got the Chicago Home magazine to find all the good stores and whatnot in the area. A couple of issues have been good for that plus had some nice things to look at, but this last issue...

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