Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sneak Preview

Well, here is the dance bag that I made from the cute fabric I mentioned yesterday. I will be making one more from this fabric (as that is all the fabric I have enough for), but it will be a different style with a different lining. I bought a different ballet fabric and lining today for future bags, though I'm still going to look for more of that fabric online! Make sure to click to enlarge the photos to get a real appreciation of how cute this fabric is. Sorry about the stray piece of thread on the bag in the photo. Obviously another photo I will have to redo! :-P

What do you think of the lining? Too much of a contrast? What about the drawstring style? I am just worried it might be too hard for a youngster to figure out.

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Rhoda said...

Hi, Kristi, your new bags & pillows are just precious. I envy those who sew. I grew up with a sewing mom too & she has sewed for me my whole life! I don't know what I'll do when she can't do it anymore. You're very blessed to have that talent. Best to you on your Etsy shop.


Mom Kristi said...

Thank-you so much! To be honest I didn't start seriously sewing until recently. I sewed for a stint while in college, but not much else. Just some things with my mom and observing her.

My grandma got me an antique Singer sewing machine from an auction years ago and just last year my parents bought me a new Janome.

Of course I still have the Singer, I just don't use it right now.

Anyway, I really enjoy it and hope these bags and pillow find happy owners.

knitsteel said...

Hi Kristi,
It looks like you got the Etsymom promo banner on your blog. For the Etsymom blogring code, go to my blog or someone else's and click "join" in the Etsymom code box. Then you will fill out a form and the code is lower down on the page.
Please email me at kassmiles at with any other questions about it.

Angela said...

I LOVE that bag. The lining is so cute with it. Weird when you see it you might doubt it but when someone steps in seeing it for the first time they let you know how extra cute it is. I'm an ETSY mom too, but found you on the promo forum.

Sunny Kristi said...

Thanks Angela. I hope it finds itself to a good home! I found another fabric to put with the pink as well, more of a cream color with leaves and berries. I also found more of the ballet shoe fabric from another ETSY seller! Thanks for visiting, please come back soon!

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