Friday, July 13, 2007

This Weekend's Finds

"Come on Mom, let's shop!" -(handbag courtesy of last week's thrift store spree - it was the only thing we found)

Well, I feel a tad disappointed today after returning from the crazy number of yard sales I went to. And the distances I went. But really I came out with a few good pieces. And my daughter bought some things (and scored some free things) for herself too. My son didn't complain the whole time (except when I was driving and he'd drop the top of the Curious George trinket box Ella bought for him - and I couldn't get it for him because I was driving).

First of all I found something for someone else. My friend Gail's Mother in Law is a wonderful decorative painter. One of the things she likes to paint is sleds. So I found an old wooden sled for $5 and dropped it off at her front door on my way home as she wasn't home.

I was thrilled to find a small watercolor piece by a man named Carl Johnson, who lives in Galena, IL, which is where Jason and I got married. Galena is about 2 hours due west of where we now live and is a cute little weekend getaway town. It is also the hilliest area in Illinois! Anyway, we have a watercolor done by Carl on our fireplace mantel. I think we bought it when we were there on our first anniversary? This one I found is much smaller, but means so much to me. I think it's kinda neat to have more than one piece from the same artist. I will have to change out the matte, as it has some mildew marks, but it was only $3. When I told the homeowner how much it meant to me she was thrilled for it to go to a good home as it had no real meaning to her. At the same sale, Ella found a Jessie Wilcox-Smith print framed and asked to buy it. Since I am a fan and would love her work in Ella's room I gave her permission to spend her money!

I also found a Gail Pittman ceramic pitcher and platter. It was such a good deal $5 per piece. I was a little hesitant as they are sold by Southern Living and I'm not real keen on having things that lots of people are familiar with. But maybe it's just me who is real familiar with it and possibly not as many other people as I think. At the same sale I found some fabric. 3 yards between the two fabrics for $3 total and both are home dec qualilty. I think I'm going to make a bag with the leopard print and some dark denim. Not sure about the navy stripes. Maybe just a plain striped one!?

I know I've only had my shop open for what 2 days now? But I'm wondering if I'll ever sell anything on Etsy. I am getting a lot of lookers. Not sure if that is good or bad. Are people looking because they like what they see or because I am trying to market myself, but once they see something they don't like it enough to buy? Oh, well! I think I need to market these to people in real life or get a tent at the local Farmer's market or something! I don't want to end up with a big garbage bag full of totes in my basement storage area for years!! (deja vu of pillows I made 2 years ago that I put in a consignment shop that went out of business).

Ooo, now after looking at the fabrics together in the photo, maybe they'd look good together on a tote.

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Angela said...

I will add some hibiscus. I have tons! I would love to come yard saling with you!

We love to pick up art too by local artists.

I just saw you teach dance! I did too until last year. I directed a preforming group for 5 years and decided to move on. Ilove being able to sew and be onmy own time.

I have done 1 craft fair with my sewn goods. (2 with food) and am planning more at holiday time. This is a good way to move more stuff fact. Etsy doesn't go as fast as I would like. I don't think enough people know about it.

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