Thursday, August 16, 2007

Family and Another Sale!

I'm sure people will get sick of hearing about when I sell something, but this was kind of a big one for me. I loved how the owl tote turned out (see post below) and was so anxious for it to find a good home. Well, tonight it did. I put a bit of a high price on it, but I really felt I priced it right. It is so sturdy and the fabrics are great, it is large and will be very functional, a ton of pockets. I'm glad I didn't back down and sell it and myself short. It SOLD TONIGHT! It hadn't even been listed 2 days.

So in even BETTER news, I went to dinner with my cousins Devin and Katie. I probably won't see either in a long time. Katie will soon be going back home to Austin and Devin will be going to a boat in Washington (state). He is so excited to go there. I will try to look at it as a good reason to visit that part of the country someday soon.

I hope my dear cousins know that they are loved... by me! I will miss them and am thankful for this blessing of being in close proximity for the summer and able to see them even for too short a time.

4 ripples:

Sonya said...

Glad you sold the owl tote! It is very cute and I just loved it! You really do a wonderful job!

Paper Girl Productions said...

That's fantastic! I love owlies!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Congrats on the sale!! that owl tote was WAY cute and I'm really not surprised that it sold so quickly.
Smiles, Karen

Sarah and Jack said...

Congratulations, the owl bag was very cute!

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