Friday, August 3, 2007

Look What I Had Custom Made!

I need a notebook because the one I have completely fell apart and so did my life. Not really, but I'm certainly not as organized! So I looked to etsy and summoned the notebook makers through the etsy forums. I found a couple of gals who do really nice work, but when all was said and done I decided the book that littlebitfunky could custom design would best suit my needs. I'm still considering the other artist for a journal. But for now I must present to you the notebook.

You will have to click on the link to see it, I don't want to steal the photos to put here. Crystal of littlebitfunky was kind enough to advertise my etsy shop on this listing. So I'm going to leave it up a couple days before buying. Well, really I'm quite occupied tomorrow, so that is another reason. I have also been tagged for Eight Random Things about Me by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality which I will try to work on Sunday as my brain is too tired now and as I said, tomorrow is a busy day!

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