Thursday, August 2, 2007


I am finally making a tote for myself. I don't really NEED one, but it will be nice to make it for me and it will be good advertising. I chose a canvas background onto which I will stitch a pretty lightweight cotton panel that I bought from ebay and really love. I first saw it at Tree Fall Designs blog. I bought a pretty check coordinating lining yesterday at Shoo Fly Quilts here in town and everything is cut up and pinned for sewing. I'll sew it when I feel like it. I have a lot more to do around here! I think I'm on to something... sew what you love, maybe others will love it too. That seems to have been the case for MOST of my bag (except the dance bags for girls).

After I'm finished with this, I think I'll make a dance bag for Ella to use. Again, nice to make something for her and good advertising!

I checked out a fiction book from the library that has been recommended to me twice "The Other Boleyn Girl" by Phillipa Gregory. It is long, but looks like this edition has relatively big print. I also checked out one about starting a home based business. Perhaps I should have read it sooner!

Well, off to try the school clothes I bought for Ella on her. They seem so big (I bought a size 5 in everything), but she is outgrowing her size 4s!

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yours truly said...

Just stopping by ... Absolutely beautiful bags! They should be selling like hotcakes! Gorgeous colors and design.

Laane said...

Before the doggy days give-away I didn't even know what a tote was.

I like them.

I also saw somewhere one that was closed up to the armpit.

When the children are to school again I want to make two ballet ones for the girls, and two for the small bagpipes.

I'm also thinking about making one for my highland bagpipe.

You've inspired me!! Thanks!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Kristi, I've tagged you for Eight Random Things about Me on my blog today. Please check it out!


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