Sunday, September 23, 2007

Light Yardsaling

For Friday yard saling I was very selective in choosing the sales I would go to. Only one did I find off of my list that I decided to check out.

One of the best was an antique yard sale. I ended up going back Saturday and bought a few things. And Saturday happened to be 50% off day! There were a few more things there I loved, but didn't know what I'd do with them!

So I think my favorite purchase was of these cute vintage chenille pumpkins. So nicely done!

Here's the rest of the stash, minus a couple of books and vintage tablecloth for a friend.

Clock-wise from the left: Some Hanna Andersson clogs. They are too big for Ella, but maybe next year or 2009! They are a little scuffed, but I can work on them. And $2 is better than what they are new. I will also be disinfecting the insides! Too bad I didn't catch this lady's sale earlier in the summer. She had some nice things including girls clothes that she already sold. Next is a Thomas conductor hat. It is way too big for Miles, but he still wears it and loves it. Though he looks a bit like a thug with it over his eyes. Next a vintage purse. I think this will be gift. Then a vintage?? little tray. The book is one Ella picked out about the tooth fairy. Not only is it glittery, but glows in the dark. Finally is a vintage silver mirror and brush set. Need cleaning up, but I always wanted a set for the guest room and this vintage dresser. The dresser is probably not from the same era. Oh well!

2 ripples:

Sarah and Jack said...

I always love those chenille pumpkins too! They have been on "to make" list for too long. LOL

Junie Moon said...

You really found some great items. I cannot believe someone let those adorable chenille pumpkins go--but that's truly a blessing for you that they did.

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