Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rethinking My Craft

Though I love making totes, it's getting a little stale. The assembly line I have created for myself is not fulfilling my need for creativity. So I've come up with a few designs and I'm doing them over and over again. It's getting boring. I will probably finish up the last few bags in my precut assembly line, but then I think I will step back and try to refine or redefine my craft, feed my soul and get some real experience under my belt. New tricks and techniques I can someday tweak to my own designs.

I found this book at the fabric store and as soon as I find a coupon (yes I'm thrifty at times), I plan to buy it.

The designs look so fun. I have enough extra fabric to experiment and give the products to friends as gifts, or keep for myself. Or hey, maybe give away here on my blog through contests or to some of my favorite bloggers!! Yay!

I beat myself up for not being as creative, but I think I need to know what can be done and how to do it before I can create more of my own designs. Especially if I want to do more handbags and purses as opposed to totes. I know it is in me. Just yesterday I had a ton of ideas for a sweet lady who's work and talent I really admire (the ideas were solicited, I didn't just give them to her). If I can do that for others, I can do it for myself.

Anyway, I'm dreaming of that book and those patterns.

For now I have yet ANOTHER diaper bag to make from my Craft Apple pattern! I cannot give enough praise to this pattern and the lovely lady who created it! It should be even more fun to make the now familiar pattern again.

Ballet class tonight. I'm so tired. I hope I don't fall flat on my face in class! LOL!

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Ijsbeer said...

wow that is a beautiful bag on the front cover. Love the colours too. Seeing from your etsy shop I bet you will be making gourgous things from it in no time:) Wish I could sew stuff. Although its probably a good thing for my wall that my purse collection doesn't increase too much. lol.

Junie Moon said...

It is rather tedious to do the same thing all the time, something special gets lost in doing that.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Kristi, I admire your sewing talents. Very impressed that you make all these beautiful bags. Good luck with your shop!


Sonya said...

Your totes are beautiful! If I didn't stay broke all the time, I'd buy several of them!

Sometimes you do have to step back and take a break. I can only imagine how boring it would be to make the same product over and over! I know you'll come up with more awesome stuff~

Sarah and Jack said...

Hey Kristi, I just saw your note about the tablecloths! Too bad I wasn't there, I would have gone crazy.

If they were $6 each, that would be a decent price. (They would have to be mostly hole free at that price though, stains I can deal with.) Maybe shoot me an email? (Although if they were already half price maybe today was the last day?)

Saucy said...

I like the vintage bag idea. And yes, always use a coupon. Very thrifty, indeed.

lindiepindie said...

Thanks so much for the nice words about the pattern! You know, I completely understand your need to be creative. After I finalize a pattern it's often months before I actually make something out of it again because I need to move on and try something new. That said, my creativity also goes through spurts. I'll have 3 ideas in one week and then go a few weeks without anything original. I think it's just how my creative brain functions. :o)

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