Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Favorite Room in Our Home

I am posting this to add to the Romantic Country Party at Karla's Cottage where you can share what you love about your home.

Well, I feel our home is always a work in progress, and in fact, I feel this room is not complete! Anyway my favorite room right now is our Living Room. Like most people with a Living Room and Family Room, we don't use this room a lot. But I think we use it more than a lot of people. It is more formal than our family room, but I think it is still comfortable. Let's go on a tour!

Our living room is one of the rooms towards the front of our house. In fact just to the right of the window in the first photo is our front door. Here the sofa is the piece I've owned the longest. At times I feel regret that I got it custom upholstered in plaid, but for the moment I like it. I made the pillows on the couch. The coffee table is quite large and I bought it while I lived in Evanston in my own apartment. It has great storage in a slide out drawer on the bottom. The light wood chair is from the dining room. We moved a chair out of here to the family room when we moved the TV out of the family room and for now I see this as a place holder. The side table and decorative tables are both new as of this year. The decorative table was from "Ten Thousand Villages" and I think is beautiful. It was made in Central America. The lamp on the table was on clearance. It was dusty and had a tiny stain on the shade. A great deal! The torchiere is one my husband picked out. I wasn't too sure about it at first, but it has grown on me. The book case was also from my place in Evanston. It is a little on the fancier side. At least fancier than any other bookcase we own. I like having books in the living room and even the kids each have a lower shelf. Moving around the room, I purchased the wine table in my earlier years in Evanston. I love the wrought iron scrollwork. The reading lamp was purchased while we found other lamps for our living room. It was one of those things we just happened upon and weren't really out looking for. The chair in the corner was purchased last year from a flea market. Due to inclement weather, most of the sellers were really reducing their prices and we got it for a great price. I believe it is from the 30's or 40's (there is a tag on the bottom with the manufacture date). It has the original fabric which is not in perfect condition, but it is beautiful and not too bad except around the arms. As for the art, to the left of the sofa is a banana leaf painting given to me by a friend who grew up in Kenya. She got it while visiting her parents. Over the wine table is "The Singing Butler" by Jack Vetriano. Jason and I love to dance, so this is meaningful to us. We are waiting to find something to put on the short wall to the left (and behind) the antique chair. So far we haven't stumbled upon anything.

Oh... and Rhoda dear, if you are reading this, any suggestions on how to spice this room up and make it pop, please feel free to give! I know it is all in the details, and I'm not great at the details!

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