Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Outside of my Comfort Zone

I have recently been inspired to try some "new" things by a new swap partner I'm getting to know. She loves shoes and has some beauties. I'm more the comfortable shoe type. Though I used to visit Nine West and the shoe department of Neiman Marcus when I was single to ogle all of their pretties. I would be excited when I actually had a wedding to go to and thus an excuse to buy a pair of the pretty heels! So, I'm starting to look at shoes the way I used to, just a bit. I didn't exactly do anything TOO wild today. I bought a pair of sandals with heels. I wouldn't normally get these, but they were on sale at Ann Taylor from $59 to $10, so you can't call me too crazy. Please pretend you don't see my unmanicured size 8 1/2 giant feet!! Now that I have them I guess it just means that hubby and I will have to go out on more dates.

Next, I was in a beautiful home store and saw a table cloth that I fell in love with. My first instinct was to go for another color that matches our earthy palette better. But then, with the help of the sales person, I decided to go for the one with the sea foam green that I originally liked because it did have other colors that match our home and the green just makes it pop. I'm so glad I did. I think it really brightens things up, while still looking like fall. Which is exactly what I needed. I also almost didn't buy it because it was square and our table is oval. The sales woman told me how pretty it would look putting the corners on each side. She was right. I'd have never thought about that myself! (The abundance of apples and pears are from our organic delivery today.) It has a very French feel, non?

Then these tea towels! I love them. They weren't outside of my comfort zone because they are so small, but it felt wonderful getting them. They are so pretty. Ugh, please ignore the water stains on the oven. For all the cleaning I do, it seems I always miss something!! I got the table cloth and tea towels at Motif.

4 ripples:

Sarah and Jack said...

An 8.5 is so not giant! LOL

The tablecloth is lovely.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Thanks for coming to the party! I'll add your link and if you want, you can add our party link so everyone can blog hop.

Andie said...

LOVE the shoes.

And also, even I never underestimate the power of the flip-flop. I dread winter when I have to come up with some other casual mom-errand option that will prevent frostbite all at the same time..

4andcounting said...

I love all of the purchases. Especially the tablecloth.

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