Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pretty Burgundy Toile Tote

I was given this fabric by my mom. She loves it. I love the bag I made!

Want to help me name it?

1 ripples:

Mrs.Kwitty said...

HOw about Raspberry Ruffle (a little play on the words Raspberry Truffle)? It's a really pretty bag! I love the outside shot, especially with the pretty yellow bag.

I love the b&w pic of your hub ? snuggling with your son. It's so sweet!

The paint job looks great--getting a more "grown up" room huh?! They grow so fast.

I vote for the second banner--they are both nice, but I like the dark pink script on the green grass and and the little bit of the tree line in the first one looks a little messy to me.

Happy Labor day!
Smiles, Karen

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