Friday, August 31, 2007

Time to Go Frou Frou

After the comment in the Washington Island vacation post about my boys being too darn cute, I became very worried about more people thinking that my girl is a boy. We've already had a few occurrences this year. It was pretty much the norm for the first 2 years. So I am determines to totally copy this dreamy girls dress from Heather Bailey's blog, her daughter's grandma made it. I have a Simplicity pattern (I have no idea what this original pattern is, or if it is an original) that I got for 99 cents at Hobby Lobby. I am in the process of ordering the fabrics from Ebay.

Only good will come from this project.

On another note, I really do worry about the slow progress of Ella's hair growth. She also has super thin nails. I worry that she is malnourished. She eats well, and I feed the kids very healthy, but there is a possibility she might have a disease where she doesn't absorb the nutrients of the food she eats. She has stomach issues all the time. I just found out about this disease from another mom today and plan to go to a gastroenterologist for her, me and Miles. We all seem to have digestive problems and some of the other symptoms. My doctor always told me I had irritable bowel syndrome. Who knows, it is worth looking into and I'm tired of doctors brushing it off. I do NOT want my children to go through what I have gone through all my life and have learned to "put up with". It can be as painful as labor. Now I know that! My mom has trouble, my grandma had trouble. See a pattern? Anyone know anything about celiac disease?

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