Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cute Creations by Surprise!

I am thinking ahead to my daughter's birthday party in December. I wanted to have a scrapbooking party (which she is excited about) and she wants a Hello Kitty theme. I bought the Hello Kitty party supplies yesterday when she was at pre-school. I really didn't want to deal with all the "But I really really want that" stuff.

I was pondering how I would do the scrapbook portion. I didn't really think it would be fair to just provide some random sized pages and let everyone go out and buy their own book, but all the options added up to quite an expense as far as buying books for everyone. Even small ones. So I decided to try my hand at making some.

Wow, I think they are cute. I still need to get a normal hole punch to finish the rest (we only have a star shaped hole punch for some reason). But I am really pleased. I have more than enough of the double sided card stock which I used for the covers. I wonder if these would sell on Etsy? I think $5 would be reasonable?

I just bought a pad (36 papers) of 12x12 double sided Designer cardstock papers for the covers and 2 packs (25 papers per pack) of 12x12 white cardstock. Maybe I'll do a tutorial here on how to make them later.

Too bad they don't quite match the Hello Kitty theme. Since this will be a coed party, I made sure there were a couple masculine looking books in there.

Which one is your favorite?

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Friendlyhands said...

I think there are very nice and would make great gifts. Put them on ETSY for sure.
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Steph said...

I think they're cute!

Sarah and Jack said...

Kristi, these are really cute! My favorite is the rosey one you took a close up of.
BTW, I still want to send you a Halloween card, and I will have a spare moment once this weekend is over. Can you shoot me your address?

creativesundries said...

Hi Steph,

I saw you on Etsy! :-)
These are great. Definitely put them on Etsy!

Sarah :-)

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Darling! What a great idea, mama!
I like the red paisleys in the top left corner the best.

Junie Moon said...

They are all as cute as can be! If I absolutely have to choose only one, then the one in the first picture would be it.

nicole said...

Those are very cute. I like the one on the bottom, second from the left. All of the ones with red caught my eye today. You're so crafty!

Ijsbeer said...

I think they are cute too. Five dollars seem like a good price:) No lower at least. My favorite is the one to the far left, last row. Or the second from the right in the first row:) They all look great though! I think the girls will like it even if its not hello kitty. Maybe you can use white cardstock and then they can draw hello kitty? And put hello kitty stickers etc. ? You could even print out hello kitty things from the internet and they could glue it on.

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