Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Goodies in the Mail!

Today I received a package from my Sweet Goodness Holiday Swap Sister Andrea! YAY!!!!!!

In the package was a cute handmade card with a sweet note, two animal print decorative scotch tape rolls (leopard AND zebra!), a jack-o-lantern print chinese takeout box filled with a bag of Halloween M&Ms, another bag of jack-o-lantern Lindor chocolates (these are yummy - never had them), a cute tin filled with hair clips and a Halloween bracelet for my daughter which says "BOO", and a wrapped box... what can it be?? (see my next photo for what's inside the box and a close-up of the other handmade goodies!) BTW, the apples were not from the package. :-)

In the box (see other photo) was a darling Halloween bracelet for me! It has black, orange, green and purple beads and silver embellishments and a dangley glass pumpkin hanging near the clasp. Also you can see a closer view of the bracelet Andrea made for my daughter and the hair clips for her too! Notice the black and orange clips, she's all set for Halloween!


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Junie Moon said...

Poor Ella, I hope she feels much better soon. Good for you in getting rid of extraneous stuff via your garage sale. You can also arrange to have some charitable organization to stop by at whatever time your sale ends and let them pick up the stuff for you. That way, it's all gone in one day and you've also done a good deed.

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