Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Poorly Made Hole Punch

It is what is holding up me finishing my little scrapbooks for Ella's party and the extra I was going to try to sell on Etsy, or give as gifts. This crazy little thing just fell apart. Looks like a piece is missing now, or something came unsodered. In desperation, I went on a hunt for the hole punch I knew I had somewhere. I re-looking in places I've already looked and finally found them in a place I hadn't looked yet. Phew... I don't like being on a role and then having to stop. So I'd better get back to it!

On a side note, Ella's been sick with a fever, sore throat and stomach ache. I hope she feels better soon.

This weekend I am also doing a garage sale with some friend and have been super busy labeling and organizing things to sell. I'm just so tickled with how uncluttered the storage area of our basement is that I said to hubby, anything we don't sell, let's just give away to charity. Also I think we should offer whatever is left at half of on Saturday. Should be fun!

Back to crafting...

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