Thursday, November 15, 2007

Knitting Progress

First Scarf

I finished my first scarf. I think it looks a little strange with the blocks of different kinds of stitches. But that was good practice doing the three types on a first project, garter stitch, stockinette stitch and ribbing. It is all curly now, but I plan to block it to try to flatten it out.

Irish Hiking Scarf 11/15/07

I've very excited about my next project, The Irish Hiking Scarf, which I am copycatting from Junie Moon. She got the pattern from Hello Yarn. I was afraid of cables, but they aren't so bad. The only problem I'm having is that Joann's didn't have a cable needle, so I bought a thin holding needle. Well, the loops I'm holding somehow shrink and it is nearly impossible to get them back on the needle when I need to knit them. I just put them on the tip and do the best I can. It is a bit irritating, but at least it only happens every 8th row. Plus it is worth it to see the cool twist when I'm done. I think I will be looking around for a cable needle though! Do you think this color could be worn by a man? It may be hard to see the shade in the photo, but the yarn has a bit of dark fiber in it.

Thanks for taking a peak at my new hobby!

In other news, I had a fabulous day today with my friend Tania. We had some excellent bonding time over Indian food, taste testing samples of my food from my food coop and hyperactive children running around. I guess my kids and her younger daughter were happy to see each other too!

P.S. These needles are smaller than my first project as well as the yarn, which makes it a bit harder as well.

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Junie Moon said...

I think that color is great for a guy!

About the cable needle--Jo-Ann's did not have what I needed either. The ladies at my local knitting shop said the best kind to use is one that looks like a fish hook--long on one end, then it curves and has a short end. I bought it and it's been great and easy to use. Mine is pink plastic. See if your local knitting shop has these.

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