Friday, November 16, 2007

Mattes for Artwork In

I purchased a couple of prints from Etsy this year that really needed custom mattes, due to the size of the pictures. I ordered some from JoAnns and just picked them up today. I feel like I am so bad at picking out colors that will compliment or bring out artwork.


I'm afraid the dark tan here draws attention from the art. I had just learned that a dark border will draw you in. Or is it the frame that doesn't work? Or both? (Artwork: "Rose" by Askey).


Here I'm afraid I've somehow made the light colors in the art look even more faded. And the frame, is it too much of a contrast taking attention away from the art? Overall this piece looks so much smaller than it did in the frame with the slightly too long matte. I do like the style of the frame. I think it is a carefree piece that needs a non-sophisticated, even fun frame. (Artwork: "Growing, Growing" by Ashley G.).

Have I really ruined this art with my lack of intuition or knowledge in this area? What would you have done?

Or perhaps I'm being too hard on myself and I just need to let these choices grow on me.

To see other artwork from the above artists in their Etsy stores, click on their names above.

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