Tuesday, November 20, 2007

People Who Know Me

can't believe I used to take improv classes in Chicago at Player's Workshop (which I believe no longer exists). Not only that, I took them for over a year, not only that, I graduated from the program and was in the grad show.

Well, I'm pretty shy, soft spoken and scared of crowds (socially). On the other hand, I love(d) performing dance and baton and doing public speaking, so maybe it's not that hard to believe.


Today was so dreary, dark, gray, misting rain all day.

I ordered a tea kettle today since I destroyed the one we have. I am so particular that I had to order it through the store so I could get the model and color I want. Microwaved tea, it just isn't right.

I made 3 valances today. One is up on a rod with magnetic rod holders. The other two require the installment of some wide rods. I usually mess that stuff up, so I'm waiting before I put those up. Plus I did a couple of little vertical gathers on one valance, but not sure I'll like it. I'm waiting to either gather the other valance or take out the gathers of the first one.

I have ballet tonight.

I'm tired.

I wish I could finish my book. I hate to say, I haven't really enjoyed it much. That is the first time I haven't enjoyed a book in a LONG time!

Oh, yesterday my Shaklee (environmentally friendly) products came in the mail! (well UPS)

I'm wondering if anyone is even reading my blog. How pathetic, I got 3 spammer comments in the last three posts, and then crickets chirping...

2 ripples:

Sarah and Jack said...

I'm here! I'm here!

In fact I mailed you a Thanksgiving card today. (Hopefully it will actually arrive, since I had to take a wild guess on postage b/c Jack is a little unwell today.)

Andie said...

I'm here too! You should be getting your package from me this week too. I'm so excited about it.

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