Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Swap Fun!

I thought it was great when our Christmas photo cards arrived only a couple days after we ordered them.

But THEN today I received all kinds of red and white Christmas wonderfulness from my Sweet Goodness Sister Holiday Swap partner, Andrea! She had sent it Priority, so it arrived quickly. I hope my poor parcel post package isn't still being carried along on horseback. Ha ha! I also hope Andrea likes it, I didn't send half the fun stuff she did. I did put a lot of time into everything, so I hope that partially makes up for it. Plus the December one will be full of fun presents for her, not just for decorating and to put on gifts.

November Swap Swag

Here is the cute swag. I love it! Andrea, you will notice a bit of a similarity in our swags! Andrea was very anxious about the swag and I think she did a wonderful job! It's funny, I was first going to make her a Thanksgiving swag and bought those same letters, but in gold to spell out THANKS. (I returned them when I remembered she said she didn't decorate much for TG and I thought a Christmas one would be better.

November Swap Tags and MORE!

Here are the rest of the goodies. A peppermint scented body lotion, a cute note card set, a soft fluffy white scarf, tags to put on presents (each stamped with a greeting and adorned with a cute green and red ribbon and candy cane), a little mystery box. What's in there?!

November Swap Beautiful Bracelet

And here is the beautiful bracelet that was in the little white box!
What a lucky girl I am!

If you ever see a swap and are feeling hesitant, I'd say try it out! It is fun both to give and receive.

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Sunny Kristi said...

For some reason, all my photos are cut off! Click on them if you want to see the originals.

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