Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bit of a Rough One

Didn't get much sleep last night... as usual. However last night, in addition to not sleeping, I could not stop thinking about something that really bothers me.

This morning it was snowing like crazy (after an evening of snowing like crazy). Not my favorite thing in the world.

Noticed our mailbox had been knocked off the post. Dug around later and could not find the box in the snow. Thus we didn't get mail. They won't deliver it if you don't have a box. Now we need to get a new box, put it up (in the cold and snow) and pick up what they didn't deliver at the post office. Not real thrilled about going there too much this time of year.

Today enough people said they can't make it to my daughter's birthday party that I had to cancel it. Poor girl, she is getting my luck. NOOOOOOO!

Went to the grocery store (quite an ordeal to get out - layering up the kids, cleaning off the car, driving in some snowing areas, putting up with the coldness), and realized I brought my schedule for making food for our party Sat., not my shopping list.

Am off allergy meds and onto some nasal steroid spray. Doesn't seem to be working as well, but doesn't have the side effects. Found out I have a deviated septum and just now realized, through some experimenting that I can't breathe as well out of one side of my nose.

The good things are that I got my last package off to my swap sister and the line at the post office I went to (not our town's) was SHORT. Remembered most of my shopping list. Got my candies made for the party. Rested a bit. Spent time with Ella because she doesn't appear to need naps anymore? since she hasn't been sleeping well at night. Jason will probably be the one to put up the mailbox. Our post office is centrally located near my daughter's preschool and on our way to most places. Jason plowed the driveway (not me - which is a blessing because I have a terrible back). I used to have to park on the street when I lived in an apt. and shovel my way out of my parking spot. Usually my nice clear spot would be taken when I'd get back and I'd have to shovel another spot to park in. After such an ordeal I'd be in severe pain for days. I'm glad I'm not in that situation anymore. At least I can breathe, even if it is unevenly through each nostril, and I never even noticed it before.

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Sarah and Jack said...

:-( That really is a pity about the party. (When Jack doesn't sleep well at night, he also doesn't nap during the day. Being overtired just makes him more overtired, if that makes any sense.)

Junie Moon said...

I'm so sorry about your daughter's party! Maybe all the things that are happening are making way for something more wonderful to come your way. I hope so anyway.

Andie said...

Hang in there. You are so on top of things. I haven't even FINISHED your package. Let alone getting it sent off!

Nate Walter said...

Hey Kristi! I didn't know you had a blog! I'm going to bookmark it so I can keep updated with what's going on for you guys. I'm so sorry that Ella's party isn't going to work out :(. That's got to be so sad for a child. Hope you guys can find other ways to make her feel so special. And YES I will probably buy some air fresheners soon...we really need them :). Take care, great to hear from you! --Faith

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