Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Iced In

After getting notifications from the dance studio and the preschool that they are both closed today due to inclimate weather (freezing rain), I decided to stay home altogether.

I am SO tired, I've been really busy and not in the best of moods. But really getting through it fine and lots of little nice things happening to make the hard times MUCH easier.

Our party on Saturday went really well. The food came together nicely and all of the dishes people brought complimented the overall meal very well. I think everyone had a nice time and Jason's parents friends (who are our friends too) got to see our house for the first time.

Thanks to Jason for putting up a new mailbox. Now we just have to get the post office to get their act together to get our mail delivery back. Hopefully my call today did the trick...

The cookie exchange last night was ok. Actually it was great, I just have a hard time in groups of people where I don't know a lot of them. Plus no one even looked at my totes I brought to sell, but were happy to take one of the scrapbooks I donated to the event (though I don't think they knew I made them). I'm just not good in crowds... The good things is that there were quite a few of my cookies leftover from my baking, so I'm freezing them and using them for the cookies I have to bring to preschool next week.

Thanks to Jason again for making rice krispy treats for Ella to bring to school for her birthday tomorrow. I still need to put all those bags together with little pins and stickers I bought. I also didn't even think about what to put together for the kids to take home for Christmas. Last year I made cute felt mice with candy cane tails. I don't feel like finding a craft to make and making it for 26 kids this year. So I need to figure something else out.

Last night at dance class I choreographed the first 59 seconds of the routine for the recital next May! It is a 3 plus minute song, so that is nothing to sneeze at. Plus I love it so far and the girls are doing great.

I also gave my first knitted scarf project away to Miles' music teacher. She seemed to really like it. Yay! Not very far on my next scarf, but it's been hard to find time. Now I want to get my book read before it's due back to the library!

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