Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Dear Ella

At least I woke you up at 9:15 am (?!) with a birthday song. And to my question "How old are you now?" you sleepily whispered "four" after rolling onto your stomach with your head in the pillow. At least there was a Christmas party for the kids at my MOMS club and I let you stay there at the library to do a craft and check out 4 books. But I'm sorry if the rest of the day is kinda crumby, because I don't feel well and I have a meeting to go to tonight. I want to give you your new doll, but I'm sure your Daddy would want to see you open it too. Maybe we can swing it after he comes home and I leave. I'm sorry your super cool Hello Kitty scrapbooking party did not work out and that your playdate is going to be pretty skimpy as far as guests go. Well I hear you now up and about when you are supposed to be taking rest time. If I had to guess, you've gone in and woke Miles up too. Some things never change.

2 ripples:

Junie Moon said...

A very happy birthday to your dear little Ella! I wish her much joy and happiness on this day honoring her blessed birth.

Sarah and Jack said...

Hapde Burfday to you sweet pea!

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