Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sewing Once Again

Seems like forever since I've sewn even though I made a couple bibs not that long ago...

But an event calls for another diaper bag using the lovely Craft Apple Linda's pattern.

Just got the fabric today that I ordered from Ebay. Unfortunately once again I will not be posting the fabric (Amy Butler) or the final product until the owner receives it in case she reads this blog. I know, booooo!

Last night I was feeling quite sick, this morning Ella was sick. She felt better in a matter of hours. She didn't get to go to school, but we were able to run a few errands. Tomorrow is a Christmas party at my MOMS club meeting, Friday is Ella's preschool field trip to see a kids version of the Nutcracker at the Lincolnshire Marriott Theater.

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Junie Moon said...

I do so hope everyone at your house is well very soon. I'm glad you're having the opportunity to do some more sewing. I need to do some, too.

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