Friday, December 28, 2007

One Fabulous Night

On Dec. 22, Jason and I went out for a night of French Cuisine and ballet (Joeffrey Nutcracker). I really enjoyed every minute of the night being able to dress up, eat delicious food and be entertained by an art form that is an important and dearly loved part of my life. I also enjoyed being in the city. Everest Restaurant is located on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange right there off of Congress. Right from their website: Everest offers breathtaking views of Chicago on par with the exquisite wine and cuisine offered by Chef Joho. Bronze sculptures created by acclaimed Swiss artist Ivo Soldini adorn each table, while paintings by Chicago artist Adam Siegel line the walls overlooking the western view of the city and sculptures by Virginio Ferrari grace the dining room. Equally elegant is Chef Joho’s personalized cuisine, influenced by his Alsace, France origins. Here are the two pieces of art (er dessert) from our table...

Here we are in the lobby of Everest. The coat check lady was kind enough to take the photo. Unfortunately the flash was still off from when we felt goofy enough trying to take photos of our desserts without attracting too much attention.

Of course you cannot take photos of the performance at the ballet (at the Auditorium Theater, which is just down the street from the restaurant), but we thought it would be ok to take some in the area outside of the seating during intermission. In fact one of the ushers took one of the photos (not shown) for us. But still, some guy came along and scolded us for taking flash photos in the theater. The weird thing is it seemed like it was 5 minutes before he even came over.

Does Jason look extra happy? Perhaps it is because of his celebrity spotting. He saw a guy he SWORE was Jim Gaffigan, comedian. We "followed" him up the stairs during intermission after I got out of the powder room (we were actually going that way anyway). He was with his 2 year old son, a real cutie with a head of blonde curls. Jason actually asked him if he was who he thought he was. He said "yeah" and appeared less than excited to be recognized. I suppose it gets old after a while, especially if you are out with family trying to relax and have fun. We talked to his wife a bit after he walked away.

So anyway, it was a really fun night and a rare occurrence that we get to go out to such nice places.

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Junie Moon said...

What a lovely evening! I'm so glad you had this wonderful experience. I love the ballet!

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