Friday, December 28, 2007

Oh my toe / It's potty time

I think I broke it! It is so swollen, painful and stiff. I know there is nothing they can do for it as I've broken a big toe and a doctor said there was no cast or splint to put on a toe.

Today was day ?3 maybe on the potty training front with son. Of course it's been inconsistent due to holiday events. Some progress that has been made: one actual production IN the potty (after a little mess on the rug...won't get into details), a couple productions near the potty (yikes), a call to mommy "haffa go potty" with pants and pull-up* halfway down in the hall (too late, but good progress nonetheless), a desire to wear "pull-ups"* over diapers, ability to sit on potty for extended amounts of time, desire to go potty when sister is on the potty (perhaps this is just sibling rivalry), ability to pull pants down, not too much of a fuss when I say "It's time to go potty." Major obstacles: Not wanting to stop what he's doing to go. Still not opposed to having wet or soiled pants the majority of the time. Not sure if he quite gets the whole process.

* For Miles, pull-ups include Pull-Ups, training pants, rubber training pants and Cars underwear.


I am going to give this another try and list more of my little booklets and headbands. I may make the 2 other totes I have had cut out for months. And/or design and make some handbags. All to sell on Etsy.

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