Monday, July 23, 2007

Still More Bloggin! :-)

I have "stuck" my contest to the top of my blog, but there is still more blogging going on beneath! I will un-stick this post once the contest is over. Wow, what a response. I think most of the contests are getting quite a good turnout. I have entered a few, but I have bad luck. Even last week when I won a drawing (believe me the odds were better than good), it was for an art class (which I want for Ella) for children 7-14. Ella is 3.... The expo we went to where we won it was aimed at kids 3-7. No Fair! I was so excited about their program too. I think Ella has great promise for a 3 year old artist!

3 ripples:

Sarah and Jack said...

So have you noticed that your blog dates are off? This entry says it is January 1, 2008!

Sunny Kristi said...

Yes, I did that on purpose to keep the contest at the top and then I posted this short post on top of that to let people know that I'm still blogging real time underneath the contest! Does that make sense? I changed the dates to way in the future so that the posts will stay at the beginning.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Hi, Sunny Kristi! Guess what? You won my giveaway!

Email me at SortaCrunchy at gmail dot com so we can work out the details. Congrats!

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