Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Super Secret Project Revealed

Since I've started sewing again I don't think I've made anything for my mom, who makes us stuff all the time and who is mostly responsible for any sewing experience and early exposure I've had to the craft. She still gives me her old sewing books, magazines patterns and sometimes buys me fabric. She and my dad even bought me my current sewing machine early last year! So I decided for her birthday (which was last Sunday) I would make her something. Thus my super secret project. I gave it to her today. I think she likes it. She is bringing it to her sewing guild to show her friends.

I love the fabric! I found the pattern in the Spring 2007 Quilts and More magazine that my mom passed on to me. The pattern is called Apron Strings. Looks like there are a lot more neat things to make in this issue. Click on the link above to hopefully find a place to order a copy if you want one. The apron pattern is actually for a trio of different aprons. I made one other out of some left over Amy Butler fabric I had from a diaper bag that I made. I have no idea what to do with that apron and will post it after I figure that one out!

6 ripples:

C said...

Your talent is endlessly amazing to me!! Please come over to my house and help me make friends with my sewing machine!!

Nilsa S. said...

Beautiful - nice job! If I were the kind of cook who needs an apron, I'd be putting in my order today! :-)

Junie Moon said...

What a beautiful apron! Your mother loves it, I'm sure, and will wear it with pride.

Sarah and Jack said...

I am crazy in love with that Moda Swell line.

(And I think I just found that apron in a pile of torn out magazine pages last night, lol.)

Andie said...


Mrs.Kwitty said...

That is a gorgeous apron Kristi! Wow, I'll bet your Mom is pleased as punch!
Smiles, Karen

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