Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Comment Love - Stress - Useful Project

First I want to say a word of thanks to each and every one of you who left a comment(s) on the last few posts. They all gave me a little lift at the end of another long week.

Also, I'm a bit stressed lately because I'm focused on keeping Miles' potty training on track. That's right, on track. I stayed home with him (while my kind parents took Ella for 3 nights and hubby was at a retreat) and did some intense potty training [sitting on the kitchen floor watching Miles every second, reading the same books over and over, watching him do the same puzzles over and over and trying to get him to drink a lot - oh and a bit of training when the opportunity arose]. It went very well and there have been very few accidents since then. I am just nervous now about the possible regression, so I'm always trying to make sure he and I are in close proximity so that I can hear him if he says he needs to go. Just a little stressful.

I haven't had a lot of energy to do much creative lately. Next on my list is to finish a top for an outfit for a friend's daughter. But then I decided not to create any projects for my list until I finish remaking some drapes. We have some in our "parlour" (former dining room) and I love the fabric.

The fabric I love.

The drapes overall. I think they need an overHAUL.

The former owner made them and they aren't even hemmed (with thread - they are actually hemmed with straight pins and I know that our pal Nester would say "Good Enough" :-)). They are lined (nice) but I think I might be able to line them a little differently because now you can see the lining peaking out from behind the curtain material.

Above two photos show how lining is peaking out.

They are also hanging on a rod with a rod pocket. I would like to gather them (not sure what kind of gather yet) and add clips with rings to the back and hang them higher on a rod. They are a little short right now anyway. Hanging this way should gain some length (I think) and I can hem (or pin) them appropriately.

Too short! Even shorter than the sheers behind them!

As I said, I love the fabric, but want a different style. Not to mention, one of the rods is about to fall out of the wall on one side!

Hard to tell in the above picture but the rod is starting to come out of the wall on the right and the curtains are a bit uneven.

This is the source, see what I mean. Ok, maybe I'm overreacting a bit. Perhaps no one else notices this but me...

Now that I've posted it. I'll HAVE to do it! Right?

Finally, here is an amazing deal I found at Sears last week. A duvet cover and two matching pillow shams. So pretty and they will look nice in our guest room.

Yes, those price tags say $1.97. Even the cashier had to call someone to confirm.

And finally, finally, as I was taking photos of the window treatment, my daughter begged me to take a pic of her.

Nice smile.

5 ripples:

C said...

that is super nice material...what if you added a chunk of coordinating material to the bottom...that would make them longer and freshen them up. :). I am so jealous of that super great deal you found....

The Nester said...

LOVE that fabric!

YOu are so right about raising those rods--all the way almost to the ceiling! And make them wider too! about 9-12 inches out from the side window casing--the mistreatments are there to highlight the window not cover up all the light! Once they are hung so that they just touch the floor, you shouldn't have the problem with the lining showing--that's because that poor soul hung them so high!

Oh, and those pins have to go, glue would be good enough but pins--ouch!

If you don't have enough of that fabric just add another fabric that coordinates at the bottom--what fun {please ignore me and my big opinion if you don't want it} I can't wait to see the finished result!

I am so jealous of this wonderful fabric and pretty room--and of your out of this world deal on that duvet! What a compliment that they had to double check!

Nilsa S. said...

Along C's lines, I was going to suggest adding a similarly colored material to the back ... so, it's not quite as obvious if the lining shows.

Has Miles been hanging in there? It was so great seeing you and Jason on Sunday!

Sarah and Jack said...

She is such a cutie.

And 1.97! That's way better than thrift store price even.

Sissy said...

Love that duvet cover! Love that price! WOW.

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