Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good News Overall

Sorry I've been lax in my posts. Not sure I can promise it will get better, but I sure hope so.

Well the main reason I've been a little MIA is because I've been focusing on Miles' potty training. And... he's doing great! In fact, I will be bold enough to say he is fully trained now. No accidents for a week AND often his is dry in the morning after a night's sleep and after naps. He has been so much easier than Ella. She was very stubborn and finally got it down in her own time. I did start earlier with her. In fact I'd say she was fully trained at about the same age as Miles.

So on to more interesting things...

I finished a couple of outfits for a friends' daughter. I will wait a while to send them as they are moving to a new home on Friday and want to make sure they are there when the package arrives. After I'm sure they have them, I'll post pics.

I also completed a little dance bag for one of Ella's classmates who invited her to a birthday party. I'm trying to watch my spending, so I made one out of some ballet fabric I already had. It is much like Ella's but with a different lining, interlining and a bit longer and thinner drawstring straps. I also sewed one of my labels onto it and fixed up a tag out of my business card. I'll take pics soon and post later.

Not sure I'll take on the parlor drapes for a while. I kind of promised not to spend any money on home decor for the rest of this year. So they may have to wait as I would need to buy new hardware. Unless maybe I find a spectacular deal or a yard sale steal.

Here are my sewing and crafting projects that sit incomplete...

  • A quilt for Ella - needs a border, binding, backing, and batting not to mention then needs some quilting. Problem here is I would need to buy the fabric and the batting... so that may continue to sit for a while.

  • A scarf I started knitting with cable stitches. I need to be completely concentrating when I do this and often have to rip mistakes when I'm not (which makes me nervous)...perhaps some sort of markers would help? Not to mention I get a headache every time I work on it.

So as not to leave you with no pics, again. Here is a family pic from Sunday that I posted on our family blog. Started out taking pics of Ella in the dress her grandma made, then Miles wanted to be photographed, then Ella wanted to get the whole family in a picture.

2 ripples:

Nilsa S. said...

YEAH for Miles potty training. That's a great accomplishment. I hear boys are supposed to be harder (more stubborn?) than girls, so bigger points out to you for your efforts!

Junie Moon said...

I'm glad the potty training has gone so well. Do be prepared for a little accident now and then which is perfectly normal.

Your projects sound lovely and I know anything you make will be gorgeous.

I love your family photo. Photos like this are so special and will be treasures to make you smile many years down the road.

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