Monday, March 31, 2008

Tomorrow is April

At least the month of April sounds spring like. And I think I remember from the past that there can be some days in April where you can actually go outside in a sweater and no coat and feel something resembling comfortable. I also vaguely remember that one May it snowed...

Well I have changed my blog layout a couple of times. I'm not totally happy with it (pretty boring), but it will stay like this until I have the patience to play around with it a bit more. Thanks to Nilsa for pointing me to Pyzam. I found a few templates I did like, but somehow when I uploaded them, they were going to take some of my widgets (all the junk in the right hand column) away and I didn't want that. Additional thanks to Rhoda, who mentioned in her blog about the free software called PhotoFiltre. I loved playing with it and made my current banner using it. It is a little more straight forward for me than Photoshop except I don't know how to select a particular layer using it if I want to change something I did a few steps back.

No new sewing project completed except for some mending and taking in Ella's recital costume. Always good things to get out of the way. I did receive some wonderful fabric through the mail from Amy who saw me comment on Crystal's blog and lamenting over how I would love to buy fabric now but just can't bring myself to spend money on that under our new tight budget. She had some that she wasn't going to use. I will post "it" when I make something out of it! Thanks Amy!!!

Last Friday the kids went to a birthday party at the Lake County Discovery Museum in Wauconda. I have pictures on our pocket camera but can't seem to figure out how to download them. The guests got to make volcanoes and make them erupt. We had never been to this museum and discovered it isn't too far from us. It seems like a very interesting place worthy of a return visit with the whole family. Saturday Jason patched up the ceiling in our kitchen where there had been a leak in the above bathroom (we fixed the leak much earlier). He also painted the kitchen ceiling until he ran out of paint. He had cut out the stain (and as expected mold was growing) and replaced the drywall. Next such project is to cut out part of a wall to fix some annoying water hammer. We also got out Saturday night to chat at Caribou Coffee and then to see the movie "21". Jason said it didn't get very good reviews but we thought it was quite good.

This week Ella's preschool is still off for break, but the extracurricular classes are back in action, so at least we got out a bit today for Miles' music class (with Ella too) and Ella's dance class.

I finished The Red Tent on Friday and Saturday picked up The Kite Runner. I hope to finish it in a week too. Next week I'm contemplating whether to get another book or to try to finish a scarf I started LAST YEAR!

I've also been re-photographing some of my items in my Etsy shop. Please hop over and take a look and let me know what you think. I'm still re-doing some of the ones I just re-did!

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Nilsa S. said...

LOVE the new blog layout - it just seems like you! Did I tell you I'm getting a new look, too? This time, I'm having someone customize it for me. Stay tuned...

BTW, LOVED The Kite Runner. And I just finished his sophomore book, A Thousand Splendid Suns. If you like his first book, you'll definitely want to add his second to your list!

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