Monday, April 28, 2008

3 Boxes of Tissues and Counting

As usual, this sinusy sickness thing is lingering. But today I felt good enough to go to the gym and I went enthusiastically. I am not feeling so great about how I'm fitting (or squeezing) into my jeans these days.

Where shall we start? Let's go back to Jason's birthday last Tuesday. Trying to be conservative at this time, I made a fancy meatloaf for dinner and a pound cake with whipped cream and strawberries at home for the birthday boy. We wore leftover birthday hats and leis.

Thursday was Volunteer Appreciation Night at Teen Mother Choices. The teen moms got up to talk about their mentors and each and every speech was very touching. I was really moved by one of the teens who acted very strong and stoic (her mentor is the one who has recently been detected with cancer). She got to saying how much "S loves her daughter and... " Then someone in the audience said "you" and she just broke down crying. I am amazed at how much these women have helped these young ladies to turn their lives around, gain self-esteem and make so much of themselves!

Friday night was Father's Night at Ella's preschool. Her class sang a song and then did activities with their dads.

In between feeling lousy, I managed to put this bag together for sweet Amanda Jo. In doing so I used my new ruffler. It is so cool and I can't wait to use it again! And look, I managed to remember to put my label on it.

I bought some fabric to make an outfit for my teen mom's daughter for her first birthday and I found more of the rose fabric for another custom order from one of my wonderful customers. Here is the fabric for the outfit, it is from Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom line, which I LOVE.

In other news, Miles did his first art project using a wall as his canvas. This happened once with Ella and never again. I hope the same is true with Miles. At least Miles didn't carve the wall with the pen as Ella did. Hello Magic Eraser.

In much more devastating news, another first happened. Believe it or not, I've thought about if Ella would ever do it and now my question has been answered. Ella and Miles were quietly playing Starfall at the computer and had been checked in on several times. Later we were down by the computer and Jason found clumps of hair on the floor. Yes, Ella cut her hair. Oh. My. She got my sewing scissors down (putting things up and away around here is not enough) and gave herself a bang trim. Well more than a trim, it looks a little punk in the bang area. I was horrified. She has her dance recital in a few weeks...

Jason and I also completed choreographing the "Dad's Dance" he (and I as support) are teaching next weekend. The Dad's of the Park District dance students (at least those brave enough) will be doing a dance at the recital. Should be a hoot.

Purging has been going well. I finally went through spring and summer clothes. I still have way too many, but I'm going to do the "hanger turnaround" method. I turn the hangers around backwards and if I wear the piece of clothing, after it gets washed and returned, the hanger gets turned the right way. Whatever clothes at the end of the season are still on a backwards hanger get purged since I obviously didn't wear them. Mainly I think we just need to go through more books and get real about whether we really need to keep them. Next up is a garage sale and all the prep that goes with that.

Finally, I am going to share the big bad news, the hard time we are going through now. Jason lost his job early April. A bit unexpectedly, but kind of not. It's hard to explain. It has been an interesting experience and a wide range of emotions. We are looking for signs as to what we are to do next and where God wants us. With this bad happening comes the possibility for new and exciting things for our family. We have found friends and family to be so helpful and supportive at this time and are so grateful for them all.

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Nilsa S. said...

I am sure it feels good to get that news off your chest. Phew! And you know, if there's anything I/we can do to help, you let us know!

Though your bags aren't necessarily my personal style, I really do love what you do with them. And I keep them in mind as I need to get gifts for friends and family. Serious!

The hair-cutting incident - oh my! It reminds me of my brother, who cut a huge chunk out of his hair when he was about 4 ... and then went on to adamantly DISAGREE with my mom when she approached him about it. He had no idea how a chunk of hair was gone from his head. It was truly hilarious!

Amanda Jo said...

Back in the 80s my cousin (8ish years old) cut her hair to look like her teenage cousin Bully's (that's his real name, we're a little bit hillbilly)...he had a MULLET!

Oh and I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT MY BAG!!! It looks GREAT!!!! Thanks for working it in during a very busy week! :)

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