Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Better Sewing Day

stair rail

Well I am please to say that my project today came out much more to my liking than that of yesterday. I just love these colors. The mail came with the fabric today at 2:30 and I had this whipped up by 5:30. It didn't hurt to have the ruffler nor the fact that I've made 4 outfits from this pattern already!

Outfit for Kora's First Birthday

Outfit for Kora's First Birthday

Outfit for Kora's First Birthday

And Ella did a project today too. Her grandma got her a kit to color a T-shirt, then I iron it to make it permanent. She had so much fun making it and did such a great job. She told me she was "so impressed with this project". Wow, big word for a little girl. I'll have to snap a pic soon, but for now here she is with her best friend/worst foe. Oh the drama! And notice her self haircut in the bangs. I guess it doesn't look too horrible?

04 30 08_1047

Tomorrow is the kids' Spanish class. It is parent day and since I am normally in Miles' class because it is a parent and tot class, my mom is coming to take him to class so I can visit Ella's class. I'm so excited to see all that she does in class!

4 ripples:

Rosie's Whimsy said...

What a sweet outfit!

Nilsa S. said...

All I can say is (a) I hope you're still sewing when we have kids and (b) I hope I have a girl! :-)

BTW, short bangs are all the rage these days.

Junie Moon said...

That little outfit you made is truly adorable!

Amanda Jo said...

Your sewing talents amaze me! I'm getting a sewing machine soon and I'm anxious to see if I "have it"! Your daughter is adorable! I love the short bangs!

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