Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hopefully More to Come

I've taken a tiny break from blogging as seasons change in the world and in our lives. The weather has been wonderful and I've been outside a decent amount of time with the kids. It would have been perfect if we had a hammock and I could have kicked back outside and taken a little snooze while the kids were napping. Instead I rested on the futon in the basement. I had the energy and inspiration to make a yummy dinner tonight too. We have been out on the paddle boat in "our" pond twice in the last two days. We love it, the kids love it. It is so wonderful having water in your backyard. We've gone to parks and played out back on the swing set. The school near us has a new play set and is so much fun for the kids to explore. We also planted some bean and tomato seeds in peat pellets today. Oh and I must not forget that we broke out the bubbles today too!

Ella goes back to preschool tomorrow after 2 weeks off.

Ahead I hope to post some pics of our Spring outdoor activities and a recipe or two with pics. I am not sure I will get to do too much on my new bag as I am feeling compelled to de-clutter and purge. I've already listed our changing table on Craigslist and have a small stack of stuff for a garage sale. I would like to clean up several other messy areas as well as our basement storage area and garage. Lots of work ahead.

I'd like to leave you with a site with a movie I found through another blog. It is about American consumerism and waste and really makes me think. Well, I've already thought about this A LOT, but it makes me think even more and want to take more action. I haven't gotten through the entire movie yet so I'm not sure how long it is in total, but plan to watch it more when I have the time. You can find the movie at the website

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Nilsa S. said...

I think it's important to live life. In other words, live to blog, not blog to live. So, if taking time away from the blog means you spend extra time with your family, then it's a great reason in my book for a hiatus! Glad you enjoyed the spring weather over the weekend!

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