Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Item to Go into Shop

I think these are so cute. I consulted with a fellow Etsy friend, I did a some Etsy research and decided I'm going to try selling them there.

These are pincushions, but could also be used as decorative accents or little decorator doll pillows. Any other ideas for uses?

In other news I sold a bulk order of Creative Little Notebooks in the shop! I'm so excited! They will be off to England this morning!

3 ripples:

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the bulk order, that is exciting!

oh, and love the pin cushions, too cute...

Nilsa S. said...

Well, I personally adore those notebooks! (And yes, I bought them because I like them, not out of pity. C'mon!). I'm actually putting a little care package together for another blogger and plan to gift her one of them. The other? Probably for me mum!

Andie said...

My pin cushion came and I love it! Boo thinks it is a cake for her kitchen! Whatever. I'm afraid I'm going to have to fight her for it.

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