Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sold my First Handbag!

I know, I know, I can only get away with celebrating sales on my blog for so long before boring you all to death, but this is my first handbag sale and it is one (of the two I've made for sale) that I am so proud of. I think I will do more handbags and less totes, although I do have one tote partway finished that I will complete first. I've been getting more sales lately than I have in a while. Not sure what it is, possibly a combo of things. Thanks to any of you readers who have looked, perhaps bought and/or spread the word about my store. I hope this handbag's new owner will be a happy to own it as I was to design and create it! :-) This is great for my self confidence. :-)

2 ripples:

C said...

Yay for you Kristi!! I will never get sick of hearing you celebrate your success!! :)

Nilsa S. said...

It's your blog. And your Etsy shop. And you get to celebrate as many things for as long as you well please. Don't go apologizing to us! Plus, selling your first handbag is clearly worthy of celebrations. Congrats!

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