Monday, April 21, 2008


The weekend was busy.

Saturday I took the kids back to my parents as Jason was busy and benefits from some quiet time these days. That night we went to church, then put the kids to bed and then watched "The Kite Runner". I was happy that he enjoyed it, since he isn't as big of a book reader as I am (at least not fiction) and I wanted him to experience it. I love subtitled movies. I think hearing the language adds so much to getting a feel for the culture.

Monday, "Super Hubby" fed the kids and cleaned the kitchen in the morning as I folded laundry. Jason's dad then came and took the kids to a park via bike. Jason and I cleaned out the garage. I mean really cleaned it out. All that is left is what is up on the rafters which we will hopefully do soon. Half of our garage is still filled with stuff for a garage sale/give-away to charity/ baby stuff to give away to a friend. But at least we have it somewhat organized. We all ate outside for lunch... ahhh! Jason's dad and the kids had a great time at the park and even ran into some friends (the family we carpool with for preschool). It was funny, when they got back from the park we still hadn't gotten everything back in the garage and Miles looked at the piles and kept asking "Who made this mess?" Later the 4 of us went for a short walk. That evening I felt a little soreness in my throat. Oh no! I had also done a lot of window washing and was therefore around a LOT of dust. I'm pretty sure that is what irritated my sinuses causing the dreaded post nasal drop associated with my so-called allergies.

This morning I woke with the sorest throat and it is not feeling much better. I'm hoping hot tea and plenty of saline nasal spray will help fend this off.

At some point (I don't even remember when) I also cleaned out Ella's room. So things are shaping up pretty well as far as cleaning and purging. The main thing left is the desk. I know, I keep putting it off. Maybe I will do it right now...

Saturday Early Morning Downtime

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Nilsa S. said...

Sounds like an incredibly productive weekend. Plus, your kids got grandparent AND outdoor time. I'd dub this weekend a success. Hope you're feeling better.

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