Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We are doing a little better and just taking things a day at a time. We had a great weekend with my cousins visiting from Madison and great weather with lots of outdoor time.

And so with that, I am trying to live life as normal and trying not to worry so much about tomorrow. Thus today I will post about a normal everyday thing in my life.

A while ago I mentioned that I moved some curtains up in our guest room, but didn't know if they looked right because they were so sheer. Since then I made some new tiebacks which go well with my bright quilt that my grandma made me and that means so much to me.

Here is a before pic from this post.

Here is what it looks like after raising the curtains (at this point I had spackled the old holes and since then Jason has sanded and painted those areas).

Here is one of the new tie backs.

2 ripples:

Nilsa S. said...

I think the new tie-backs look lovely. And the sheers without the blinds ... well, it most definitely reminds me of spring! Hang in there.

The Nester said...

Hey girl! Because they are sheers they don't have quite the same effect/affect whatever but, I certainly wouldn't move them back down. It looks like there was enough length for them to still touch the ground so I would leave em! If you ever wanted you could hang another rod higher and add a pattern or opaque fabric over the shears/sheers.

nice job!

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