Friday, May 30, 2008


The biggest news today is that Jason has an interview in the Chicago Loop today. We will see if it is a good fit for both he and the company. I am so confident in him that he will do a great job, and the company would be very lucky to have him. I will not talk any more about that...

Today is Ella's second to last day of school. This is significant to me because it is her last Friday. And even though they didn't really have a full week (Memorial Day on Monday and a class picnic on Wednesday) it seems like her last "full" week because it is her last Friday.

A neighborhood that has great stuff at garage sales is supposed to be having its garage sales today and tomorrow. I wonder how many will close down due to the raininess. Though I am trying not to spend money, I might just take out a couple of bucks from the bank to accompany me on a visit to these sales. :-)

Tomorrow it is set for Jason and I to go to a Cubs game with his brother and his brother's girlfriend. I've only been to a few Cubs games, but am a fan despite the fact that I rarely watch them, don't know much about what is going on with their business and don't own any Cubs merchandise. There is something about being in Chicago around Wrigley that just instantly can make a person a fan. There is a feeling in the air. And being at a game makes it that much stronger. Plus I know more about baseball than I care to admit.

Next week is my garage sale. I just placed the add in our local Advertiser paper. It wasn't a bad price but I wonder if I will even make enough to cover it. I just don't have a TON and I've priced things pretty cheap. Lots of work ahead for that!

Here is a question... Are ages 3,4 and 5 too young to have athletic competitions? At Ella's school picnic they had "Olympic Games" and had the kids competing in running and throwing contests. Mostly the Kindergarteners won. And some of the younger kids cried when they didn't do as well as they wanted. Even Ella got a little down (BTW she rocked the 50 yd dash - she does not get that from ME). So do you think that age is too young to handle that type of competitive pressure, or is it good to start getting them used to it?

Well I'd better scoot to the garage sales as they open in 15 minutes!!!

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Amanda Jo said...

I'll be praying for Jason today! How exciting!!!

I love garage sales, I hope you find some great stuff! Last weekend I found a big antique wood-framed mirror, soup tourine (sp?), a movie and a wooden plant stand all for under $20!

I hope you have a great weekend! Have fun at the ballgame!

Nilsa S. said...

I'm working from home today, so I'm sending good vibes just up the street to Jason. I'm sure he'll do great - it's more a matter of whether the fit is right (as you said).

Competition in youngsters? I dunno. I think competition is a natural part of the human body. Kids run around the playground chasing each other, seeing who is faster, etc. It's just the way we are. I don't think organized competition is necessarily a bad thing. I guess it's the approach to it that's important.

C said...

Yay for Jason...he is in my thoughts today. :)

I think competition can be good if done well but maybe not for that young...they may be too young to get it...I also don't like it when they give out trophies to everyone...kinda defeats the purpose.

Happy weekend to you friend!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow--I am loving your new look!! So cute! Have fun garage saling--and good luck with yours. They are a lot of work! I have mixed feelings about kids being competitive at that young age, it's hard on them, but I guess it 's a learning thing. I guess I would just rather they all played together (learning teamwork) without having winners and losers when they are so young.
Smiles, Karen

Matt Stratton said...

Of course, this is a great time to go to a Cubs game (not that I think there's a bad time) since the Cubs are the best team in baseball right now.

Seriously. It is kind of messing with my brain.

~**Dawn**~ said...

There's nothing wrong with knowing a lot about baseball! I love Summer, when I can turn on a Red Sox game most evenings & root for my boys while I get my dinner cooked & my chores completed! It's good wholesome, fun background noise! =)

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