Friday, May 30, 2008

New Item for Store - Need Help

Hello dear blog friends... I have been thinking about making these for a while now and finally broke down and bought some materials. The first try is not perfect as I'm having trouble keeping the clear vinyl from slipping while sewing, but I still like the idea and will try again. I have three different fabrics (including the one shown) that I liked from Hobby Lobby (yes Hobby Lobby - wait till you see the others).

Where I really need help is figuring what kind of backgrounds to use to photograph the tags. Starting with this one, any advice? I quickly found that anything pink doesn't work, so I tried this cream with flowers and I just don't think it makes the fabric in the tag pop as much as it could. I kind of think of this one as a Parisian theme.

Also, is this something you think you would like? I think it is nice so that you could identify your bag easier at the airport and just to give it a little more personality.

3 ripples:

Aglaya said...

I love the tag. How about a really bright green or greenish aquamarine background? Something like this
I like the combination of green and pink (my blog layout tells a lot about it:))
I really like your blog and the cute layout!

C said...

I love them! What if you try to photograph them tied on a suitcase?

Kathy said...

I love the tags. I think they are definitely a creative idea.

I think the idea about photographing them while on a suitcase is agreat idea. Why not try a vintage suitcase? That would be very cute.

Good luck.

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