Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cubs and Tags

We had a GREAT day Saturday going to the Cubs game. Scott (my brother-in-law) and his girlfriend Jen were great hosts feeding us before, during and after the game. It was great to be in the city. I especially like that area (north side) as it always seems full of energy and being there was a Cubs game going on that day and great weather, even more so. I actually watched the parts of the game where points were scored which was the first few innings and the 9th. Tim Meadows lead the singing at the 7th inning stretch and we had nice seats. It was great to be in the crowd at the end when the Cubs won. It is fun to just high five with people you don't even know because you are all so happy. I miss the city. :-)

Here are some dinky photos taken by a business who posts them on the web. If I try to make them bigger they are all pixelly.

Me and Jason

Jen and Scott

Finally, I stayed up Friday night making a couple of other luggage tags. Here they are. I love the fabric. But that vinyl is tough to work with. I looked up info on sewing with vinyl and ended up changing to a plastic foot on my machine. I also saw that you can cover the vinyl with wax paper and sew through that. Finally I saw suggestions to put baby powered on your foot. That sounds a little messy to me! The plastic foot is a little better, but it still kind of sticks to the vinyl. Probably because of the two thin metal strips on the bottom of the foot. Still need to keep playing around with that. I used suede cord for these. I really like the shoe lace idea better. I just happened to keep the pink one used for the first tag in case I could use it for something. I found something to use it on sooner than I thought. Here are the two new tags.

Oh, and thanks for the tips on photographing the pink tag. Great suggestions. I'm sad I don't have an antique suitcase to display them on! :-(

Oh, and P.S. (Since I already said finally) The garage sales weren't that great, though some may have been closed due to the weather. We had some really gusty wind which broke tree branches and downed a power line. Anyway I did find a nice Columbia brand coat for Ella for next winter for just $3 and a Hannah Anderson sweater and skirt for her for $6. Not too bad.

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Kathy said...

My sister, who sews a LOT, said that you have to use a Teflon foot to sew with vinyl. Might be worth a try...

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