Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The weather today is just perfect to me. I am doing what I can to enjoy it as much as I can because "they" say it should be cooler tomorrow and for many days to come.

Today I prepared the soil in our vegetable garden area. I have started some seedlings in peat pellets inside, but really there are not many to fill up all that space. I thought about buying some seedlings but think of my plan to only buy food and gas. Then I remembered that a garden is food. Hello. So buying seedlings would be an investment in the food department. And so, I will allow myself to purchase such seedlings...

I am also happy because I did a major cleaning of the downstairs and it just makes my head feel clearer and more peaceful. We also got our organic food order, so there is plenty of fresh produce. This company is really reasonable for fruit and veggies (let alone that they are organic) as well as organic dairy and juice.

The day is only partway through, so I'm looking forward to more good times and hopefully a call from Jason with some good news (a callback, a request for an interview... anything!)

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Nilsa S. said...

Did I mention your new blog colors make me happy every time I visit your blog? :-)

So glad ONE of us is able to enjoy the outdoors. I'm counting the minutes until I get to leave work. Because, today? I'm counting rolling my windows down and opening my sunroof as "outdoor time"!!

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