Monday, May 19, 2008

Us [2] : Visitors [at least 2 more]

Two squirrels have now been caught by the trap, but Jason saw two more in the attic. Hopefully they are not smart enough to figure out not to get trapped like the rest of their family.

Today was a strangely good day. One of the highlights was that I moved some curtains up higher on a wall due to the fact that one of the brackets was coming out of the wall. I have been thinking about doing this anyway, but the fact that one of the holes the screw was in was just too big and happened to be in a stud (can't use a molybolt), meant it was time to move it at least somewhere. I moved the two curtain rods closer to the ceiling to create a feeling of a higher ceiling. I am just a little torn because the curtains are sheer and I don't know if they look stupid that way. I think it looks kind of dramatic in a good way. Next I may make some new tie backs from some leftover fabric I have that actually matches the bright quilt I have in there. And of course I can't show you any of this because our computer won't let me import photos...

Today was the last day of dance classes for Ella and I. I received lots of sweet comments from the moms and some gifts from the girls. One was a flower that I can plant in a pot in the front near our front door. I hadn't bought a plant for said pot this season in order to conserve money. What a great gift at this point in time (or anytime really). I also got a gift certificate for Panera, which I love, another great treat that I wouldn't spend on myself with our own money at this point! Looks like this calls for a date! I also got a handmade card (my favorite) and a card which reads "You are the best ballet teacher ever." Awwww....

This afternoon I was in the grocery store and ran into a mom of two of my former and loved baton students. She is so wonderful and offered to help watch the kids if I need a break and also said she and the girls would put us on their prayer list.

Finally I met Jason at the YMCA for Yoga, which turned out to be Yoga-Pi (Pi = Pilates). I loved it. It is so much like dance. It's like exercises for dance. Very center based as well as movements of limbs without moving the rest of your core. I was embarrassed at one point when we were supposed to go down from a sitting position and stay at the point that it was hard to stay at when going down. I didn't feel that point and was very confused. The good news is that it means I have very strong abs. Guess all that ab work pays off.

Lots of other good things, but need to get the kids to bed now.

P.S. Simply Orange orange juice is the best. Taste like freshly squeezed.

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~**Dawn**~ said...

Simply Lemonade is great too! Best I've tasted!

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