Monday, May 19, 2008

Visitor(s) and Computer Woes

Yes, we have a visitor(s) and not a welcome one. Luckily I heard a bunch of racket up above the second floor. I took the ladder out and opened the "hatch", turned the light on, looked around and saw... the squirrel visitor trying to escape the trap in our attic Jason bought from Craig's list yesterday. Hey it worked! Now I just hope there are no companion visitors, that this squirrel doesn't figure a way out before Jason comes home and we can figure out the entrance to our attic and patch it up.

We are also having computer probs. I cannot currently upload any pictures at the time (probably the least of our worries). I think this is a job for Dell under our warranty.

Ella had her (and I had my) dance recital this weekend. Working the show was very tiring, yet I was ecstatic to experience Ella in her first dance recital and was so pleased that she just loved it. I was also very proud of my students, they did a BEAUTIFUL job! Glad so many grandparents and an uncle could be there too. Later that day Jason and I went into Chicago to see the Joffrey Ballet performs some American Moderns. Very good, but may I suggest not to work a show and then go to a show in the same day? Very tiring!

Must be off to take Ella to her post recital party!

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Nilsa S. said...

Maybe it's a good thing we weren't available on Saturday. Sounds like we were all tuckered out by the end of the day!

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