Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How Fun

I wanted to wait until the big day for Ginny of iSew. The release of her first handbag pattern in her shop! I volunteered to be a tester and test I did. Ginny's pattern was really easy to follow and mostly I made minor suggestions, very few errors. Then I ended up with a really CUTE handbag. The pink fabric was all I had enough of to make the bag, and I didn't even have enough of the floral toile for the gusset. I love pink but don't know if I'd wear it in a handbag, so this may become a gift. A lovely one!

iSew Pattern
iSew Pattern
iSew Pattern
iSew Pattern

She blogged about her new pattern here. I've been admiring Ginny's work for a while now, she is so creative, productive and meticulous with her work. She even did her own DIY wedding including making her own dress! Nilsa, aren't you glad you aren't doing all that! :-)

I know you want one of the Diana handbag patterns, at least go and check it out!

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Tausha said...

Ok-I left this reallly post and the stupid thing was deleted! Dang it! Just let me know what the price is for both items-and I will pay with pay pal. Go ahead and leave a comment with the total. My email is on the fritz-so I can etsy communicate. As for the fabric-red anything, polka dot, plaid, striped, whatever in red.. That is pretty much a neutral in my wardrobe!! Thanks so much. i apologize I haven't been able to talk-my email has been stupid and it has affected the whole system! So-just let me know! Thanks so much! I can't wait to get the bag and use it!! All my friends will be jealous! ")

Nicole said...

You are sooooo talented. I love the bag. Those little knitten bears are adorable, they would be such a cute gift for a new baby.

Junie Moon said...

I love Ginny's new bag pattern and I was lucky enough to be a tester for her, too. Your bag is so pretty and came out wonderfully well.

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