Friday, June 20, 2008

Meatloaf Cupcakes from Fine Furioius Life

Here is the recipe I promised you. Mine don't look perfect, but apparently they tasted good according to one adult and three children. I didn't eat any because I had a late lunch. The kids loved that they looked like cupcakes and were asking for more, more so than if it were plain meatloaf. You can find the recipe at Fine Furious Life. They contain pureed veggies, so in a way it is like a sneaky chef sort of thing for kids.

What I would do differently with mine is to smoosh the meat more into the cupcake molds. Meat doesn't rise or expand like breads. Duh. Also I would have used a tip on my pastry bag. Actually to save time I just used a ziploc bag and cut a little hole in the corner. In retrospect it would have been worth it to get out the pastry bag set with tips and made the "frosting" look better.

3 ripples:

TAMI said...

I like the 'simple' look of this ones - without the fancy pastry tip. You know, like a R-E-A-L family is going to eat it and not like it was frozen in time for a photo shoot.

TAMI said...

Oh, I just peeked over at the original recipe. Yours is WAY WAY WAY better looking. I wouldn't have even given the original photos a consideration.

C said...

LOOOOOOve this! SO SO fun!

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