Thursday, June 5, 2008

Run-on Paragraph about Garage Sale Day 1

I woke up groggy this morning and saw dark skies through the windows, but brushed it off and believed that I could will the rain off. I showered, got the kids up and dressed and made them breakfast and me coffee (decaf). My friend Gail called to let me know she'd be a little late because she had to pick up a friends son to watch. No problem, I could set most of it up myself. I put the garage door up partway and organized the last few items for the sale, but didn't dare put anything outside just yet... because it was drizzling. The kids ducked under the door to the driveway and proceeded to splash and dance around in the dirty puddles. At first I cringed, but then just let it go, they are washable after all. At about 8:30 a car pulled up. I went in and opened the garage door all the way. My first customer, 30 minutes before the sale was scheduled to begin. Just a browser. Then it happened, the sky opened and the water poured down. The kids ran in an I quickly closed the garage door. Still, things did get a little wet. While inside Jason called to wish me luck with the sale. I said very dramatically "What sale? There will be no sale, it is pouring rain." He was in another town at a career center where it wasn't raining so he didn't know. And I wonder where my daughter gets her dramatic personality? Gail called again and I told her to just wait until it settled down. And it did in about a half an hour. And right away I had a customer. Then a friend that I have collaborated with on a couple of garage sales stopped by, to browse but also I think to see us. She informed me that some signs were down, so I informed Gail to bring some duct tape and asked if she could fix them. She arrived with her son and the boy she was watching. People trickled in throughout the day, not too many but more than I thought for such a day. The weather changed and warmed up to nearly 90 degrees. The kids were fairly manageable but still a bit of a handful. Better than I though they'd be. Though I did have to send Ella to timeout a few times for panicking and not containing her emotions at what I would consider minor upsets. Ella was such the salesperson trying to push the lemonade. James (Gail's son) did not like this. Not sure why not. He kept telling her to stop yelling at people, that's not how you do it. It was kind of funny. Another friend stopped by from my MOMS group. Her daughter had been in the Park District recital, her husband had been in the dad's dance (which my husband and I created and taught to a bunch of brave dads to perform in the recital). She said her husband thought we were cool and could they have us over sometime. Too funny, we are such geeks, nowhere near cool. Ha ha. She'd happened to be in the area for a playdate and happened to see we were having a sale. Overall sales weren't too bad. A lot went and that felt good. Here's hoping for another two days at least as good as today. Rain IS predicted though... Guess we'll see how it goes.

And now we are planning to go to the pool tonight, so the kids won't even need a bath.

Oh and I have to mention that in this humidity Ella's hair curled up beyond belief. It is too cute. I'll try to get a pic!

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Junie Moon said...

I'm glad the weather decided to behave and you had some garage sale success. We stopped by a garage sale a couple of weeks ago where two little girls were manning a lemonade stand. One of the girls was about 6 and the other about 3. The 3-year-old kept shouting at anyone driving or walking nearby but she couldn't even pronoune lemonade which made it so cute. It was so funny, but my husband kindly bought two lemonades for us from them, did a sample tasting, and then thanked them for such a delicious refreshing treat. The happy smiles on their faces were ever so sweet.

Nilsa S. said...

One day, Ella and I will be able to commiserate about curly hair and humidity. Gah!

Glad to hear the day went relatively well despite the weather! Good luck today and tomorrow!

Tausha said...

dang rain! So the sale is for 3 days? thats a very long garage sale! you are good to be able to do that for that long! Heres hoping that sunshine is in your forcast!!

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