Thursday, June 19, 2008

thank you

...person who's name shall remain anonymous, for buying a booklet from my Etsy shop. I have been really bummed that I haven't had many sales lately and especially of my newer items. Somehow the one little purchase really made my day. I am also grateful to my blog friend Amanda who has been so sweet and has faith in my work, enough to try me out for another bag for a gift.

I so appreciate my customers. That is why I create, so someone else can enjoy. It is truly what motivates me and why I am so excited to do it.

Been busy with all kinds of stuff this week. My back is killing me and I'm not getting enough rest. I think one of the unforeseen side affects of no more cable, is that I don't sit back enough and try to relax, I just keep going going going.

Today I helped tutor a friend of a friend in Biochemistry. I truly hope I helped her. Though I was a chemistry major, it's been a while and from grad school on it's all been molecular biology/pharmacology. I know she wants to make this a regular thing, so I guess that is a good sign. In return she said she can do some babysitting and speak only Spanish to the kids. Wheeeee! Also, our common friend watched my kids and then offered to continue watching them until 5 or so, so that I could have some free time. I ran some errands and went to Panera with the gift card I got from one of my dance students. I also snuck in going to the local quilt shop. I did find a couple of fabrics I loved, but left them behind. I have plenty of fabrics. And plenty of projects.

Tonight I made a very cute and interesting recipe which I will share soon. I took pics, but the computer that we use to upload the pics is downstairs and I'm too lazy right now (tired) to go do that. I will have to link to the page where I got the recipe so you can try it too. Plus her pics are far better than mine. There are a few things I'd do differently next time (just for the visual effect). The kids LOVED them (including my friend's son who we are watching tonight) and if you have kids you should give them a shot too. OK, I'll try to post this tomorrow!!

2 ripples:

You can call me Lucky. said...

I think you shop is super cute! I love all the fun fabrics you use!

Nilsa S. said...

I was just thinking that if you happen upon a fabric store again and see fabrics that might be good for the make-up bags, take pictures. Send them to me. Super easy way to make progress without having to buy a thing (and until we can find some time to get together!).

Take care of you - a sore back is bad all around. Take a few minutes each day to just be. In the long run, your kids and husband will thank you for it!

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