Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blessings Galore

I will try to remember everything I have been planning to post. But even then it is not everything!

Jason Celebrates!

Orange Currant Scones (Best Scone Recipe Ever)

Made these yesterday as well as a plum cobbler type thing. Jason brought them to his "landing" party at the job placement firm he's been going to looking for a job. Sounds like the goodies went over well. Jason was kind enough to clean up after my mess in the kitchen last night even though he was tired. Last time I cleaned the kitchen, it wasn't too great for my finger wound.

Good Mail!

I bought these adorable prints to make this for Ella! Pattern by SewSensible.

Then yesterday I was SO excited to receive an item I've been seriously eying for some time now. When I decided to make my move to buy it, someone else snatched it up!! So I contacted the artist and she so kindly agreed to make up another for me and boy did she whip it up quickly, though it doesn't look whipped up at all. The quality is SUPERB and carefully done. She is also one of the sweetest ladies I've met on Etsy. I just want to hug her. :-)

Love the cute wrapping.

So neat and organized, with business card, tags, washing instructions, a complimentary recipe and a personal note. Oh, and what's that sweet fabric under there?

Why it's the cutest apron you ever did see! I'm serious, go check out Momo's shop on Etsy! Even if you don't ever think you'd wear and apron, they are just so cute to look at!!

A much better model than I, photo take from Momo's shop.

A Lovely Day for a Farmer's Market (Yesterday)

I plan to post more of the farmer's market pics on our family blog, after I get caught up with some other events to be posted there. I just love the farmer's market and feel so blessed to have one in our own town. The kids love it too and there is always a craft or activity tent for them. I just love the sights and the smells and sometimes the tastes of samples. And lets not forget the sounds. There is always a rotation of singers/musicians there. In this crowd there is even some good fashion going on. Look at the great fabric in the skirt of the lady on the left, and that of the man's shorts on the right. And look at that great man bag. :-) You may have to click to enlarge to see what I'm talking about. And this is all within walking/biking distance from our house.


I've found a few bargains at some stores in the last couple of days, but lets talk about my pride and joy... I stopped by a random garage sale today on our way home from everything. All signs pointed to this not being a good sale. First of all I almost considered a drive off, or a drive by. You know, when you look at the sale from your car and decide there is nothing there you could possibly need. I figured I got Ella all worked up about stopping so I'd just peek in. There really was not much in the way of items being sold. Not much hope in my eyes. I kept going in, to look at the sparse amount of merchandise. Couldn't possibly be anything for us. Saw some girls shoes, all too small for Ella. I went in deeper. Until I found the RACK OF GOODIES. Clothes in Ella's size. Fall dresses. Hanna Andersson. The forbidden brand that I just admire from a catalog but could never in a million years bring myself to spend that kind of money on for kid clothes. I left behind a Hanna sweater with matching sweater skirt and a Hanna winter jacket. It was tough, but I already found a Columbia brand winter jacket for Ella and bought a sweater and skirt set by H.A. at a garage sale a while back. Well I ended up with two great Hanna dresses, one with matching tights (brown one), a very cute dance leotard, an extra swimsuit for vacation (all for Ella) and a Care Bears video for me (just kidding). For me a copy of The Nanny Diaries. Don't know if it's any good, but I like 50 cent books. Can't really lose there. I can save it for vacation.

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Nilsa S. said...

Sounds like everything is going really well in your lives ... so exciting to read about ... especially after the last month or two.

Amanda Jo said...

I'm so glad things are looking up finally...the Lord is faithful, isn't He?!

Take your time with the order, I'm in no rush! I hope you little one gets feeling better!!!

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